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Luna[1], Sena[2], Trinity Glassfille[3]

Other Names/ Aliases/


Platinum the Trinity  (All) [4], Platinum  (All; esp. Luna and Sena), The Platinum Alchemist (Trinity Glassfille)[5]

Taokaka Nicknames: Bell Person[6], Hair Person[7]

Species: Human


Sena: Male [8]

Luna: Female [9]

Trinity: Female [10]

Physical Gender: Female[11]


Luna and Sena: 142 cm (4' 5")[4]

Trinity: (Unknown)


Luna and Sena: 37 kg (81 lbs)[4]

Trinity: (Unknown)

Playable On:
Blazblue: Chronophantasma (PS3/Vita)

Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend (PS3/XBox 360/Vita)

Blazblue: Continuum Shift II (3DS)

Blazblue: Continuum Shift (PS3/XBox 360)(As a DLC Only)

First Appeared On:
Blazblue: Continuum Shift (PS3/Xbox 360)
(Appeared on the Story Mode, and also became available as a DLC)
Birthday: December 13th[4]
Blood Type: AB


Weapon: Arma Reboare: Muchorin





'A body that houses three souls; a determined impatient young girl, Luna, a mellow and gentle young boy, Sena, and one of the Six Heroes, "Trinity Glassfille". In order to defeat Terumi for their beloved master, Jubei, they set off for Ikaruga, holding their trusted Nox Nyctores, "Muchorin".'[13]

'Platinum the Trinity' is the name used to describe the body that houses the souls of Luna, Sena, and Trinity Glassfille.[14]

Individual Sections for each Personality can be found a bit lower in This Article.

Platinum grew up in Ikaruga.

It appears that Luna and Sena were the only identities inside Platinum, at first.[Y1]

While the two young personalities do enjoy being in the company of someone who knows each of them, they still prefer to be alone whenever possible. This is the case even when traveling to a potentially dangerous place, which causes the adults who care about them to be concerned for their safety at times.

Luna and Sena are skittish about introducing themselves to new people, but often do so anyway by accident, or when talking to one another without realizing an acquaintence or a stranger is eavsdropping.

Platinum gained a third identity, Trinity Glassfille, as a 'Walk-in' type upon retrieving their Nox Nyctores weapon, the staff Arma Reboare: Muchorin, which had the spirit of Trinity sealed away inside of it.

When Trinity first joined the two, she barely had the strength to switch with either of them. She usually would come out in spirit form. Due to this, she asked Luna and Sena if they would kindly bring her to the people she needs to speak with, as she would have no strength to find them herself. The children heard her plee.

Jubei is in the process of training Luna and Sena. Both Luna and Sena are attached to Jubei, but Luna adores him. Being one of the Six Heroes herself, Trinity used to know Jubei and has fought alongside him.

Presently, Luna and Sena have left the watchful eye of Jubei and are fulfilling a series of tasks for Trinity.

The first was to bring her to Bang Shishigami, which ultimately led Bang to keep Luna and Sena at his ninja village, _____. During their stay here, Bang was able to talk to Trinity, and she told him of the importance of the giant nail he carries on his back, and how it could play a powerful role in stopping Izanami's plans to destroy the world.

Their next task was to find Yuuki Terumi, so that Trinity contribute her role in the plan Rachel Alucard devised to stop Terumi.

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    • 2) Luna refers to herself in third person, thus reiterating that her own name is "Luna".
  2. States that Sena is the name of the young boy inside Platinum right in Platinum's Official Character Summary.
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    • 1) Throughout Platinum's Story Mode Appearances, their name changes depending on who is out. Trinity is the name of one of Platinum's personalities.
    • 2) States that Trinity's name is "Trinity Glassfille" right in Platinum's Official Character Summary.
    • 3)During the Chronophantasma "Teach Me More, Miss Litchi!" Episode 4, Trinity is listening to Litchi's lesson for quite some time.Trinity refers to herself as "Trinity Glassfille".
    • { Clearing the Confusion: Hazama refers to Trinity as 'Trinity Glassfield' on Platinum's Continuum Shift Extend Story Mode. This is not the correct spelling of her last name, which is Glassfille. It was a typo in the text dialogue.}
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    • In the beginning of Platium's Continuum Shift Extend Story Mode, the narrator refers to Sena as "a polite lad named Sena".
    • On the Chronophantasma Story Mode, the Gag Reel #___ involves some of the male characters of the cast having a 'Manliest of Men' contest which Luna and Makoto are hosting. The contest ends with Arakune eating them all. Sena sighs and finally comes out afterward, saying "Glad I didn't participate..."
    • { Clearing the Confusion: At the beginning of Platinum's Continuum Shift Extend Story Mode, the name 'Young Girl (Luna)' is displayed when she first speaks. Right afterwards, Sena's name is seen incorrectly displayed as 'Young Girl (Sena)'. This was a typo, as Sena is a young boy - it should have been 'Young Boy (Sena)'.}
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