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Name: Makoto Nanaya

Beastkin (Squirrel Beastkin)[1]

Gender: Female
Height: 163cm (5'4")[2]

49kg (108 lbs) [2]

Playable On:

Blazblue: Chronophantasma (PS3/Vita)

Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend (PS3/XBox 360/Vita)

Blazblue: Continuum Shift II (3DS)

Blazblue: Continuum Shift (PS3/XBox 360)(As a DLC Only)

First Appeared On:

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger (PS3/Xbox 360)
(Non-Playable Character, Appeared in the Story Mode)
Birthday: April 2nd [2]
Blood Type: O [2]


Rank: Lieutenant, NOL Intelligence Department


Offical Character Summary: 'Lieutenant of the NOL Intelligence Department, Makoto is a beastkin, a creature developed to fight the Black Beast. As one can assume, she is a fusion of a human and squirrel. Althought our mission sends her to Ikuraga, she heads to Kagetsuchi - and her "friends".'


The eldest child of the Nanaya lineage,[5] Makoto grew up with her family (her mother, her father, and her siblings - Mukoto, Mekoto, Mokoto and Mikoto Nanaya)[6] in a small, humble home in the 11th Heirarchal City of Shinatzu (Click here to learn about the Hierarchal Cities).[7] It can be inferred that Makoto's whole family is beastkin.[Y 1] Although she comments sometimes on her family having issues,[8] Makoto does love them[9], and initially decided to go to the NOL Military Academy in order to help support them.[10]

During her years at the NOL Academy, Makoto studied alongside Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, and briefly Carl Clover, with Jin Kisaragi as the class instructor.[11]

Living in a world where species inequality is part of the culture[12], Makoto suffered an extent of emotional abuse as she was growing up.[13] Makoto felt shameful about her squirrel parts, and her squirrel instincts, such as the urge to climb and jump from tree to tree. [14] This took a toll on Makoto's self-esteem, and sparked hidden doubts during the beginning of her friendship with Noel and Tsubaki. Deep down, she felt insecure that they truly accepted and liked her, being the beastkin she is.[15]

Despite this social set-back, Makoto grew up to be a feisty,[16] outspoken[17] and determined individual,[18] who values friendship above all else.[19] Makoto considers Noel and Tsubaki her closest friends[20], and she is very loyal and dependable to them due to this fact.[21]

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  1. On Makoto's Story Mode in Continuum Shift Extend (Gag Reel), she says that in her house, you couldn't turn around without 'stepping on someone's tail'